Review : The Happy Prince 

‘Will you not stay with me one night?’

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde 

Well, I really like 2 of 5 Stories which were The Happy Prince also Nightingale and Red Rose…. It’s been adorable stories that made me wanna read ever after. Yeah ! Oscar Wilde kills their main character in all tales… 5 tales in this book I meant. Boring in the end of Remarkable Rocket or I don’t get the meaning of stories huft.

I’d like to quoted “Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow … ‘will you not stay with me one night? said the statue prince. His sacrifice made his people happily ever after. Then, god who persuade angels to choose anyone who they picked to heavens. So, they choose the dead little swallow who dead after kissed the prince also they pick the happy prince. The society discussing who statue on top of there, then ? The selfish one !

The Nightingale who helped the handsome boy who wanna dance with princess if he has a red roses then nightingale sacrifice himself too.

Afterall, Oscar Wilde killed their main character all of it. But I wanna recommend that interesting stories were 3 of 5. The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and The Rose, The Selfish Giant