Line [Poetry] – Rifqi A

[ LINE ]

I can’t make a way

A way between you and me

I try to put my ink

to tell you in a piece of paper

Starting with a dot

until made into a form


This is not a form that I wanted

I think this is bad

Then I pull up the new paper


throw away the old ones

It’s getting worst

Better if I should believe

with a bad form indeed


Credits : Rifqifreaky



Puisi “Bintang” -Rifqi A

Dirimu sangat kecil

Sinarmu hingga pulau terpencil

Angin pun memanggil

Tengadah engkau yang mungil



Inginku menyapa dirimu

Kau sembunyi di awan semu

Inginku memetik dirimu

Kau redupkan cahayamu

Inginku mendengar suaramu

Kau coba tuk bisu



Tersipu malu

atau hanya ragu

Salahkah diriku

Berkenalan denganmu

Maafkan hatiku

Jika mencintaimu



Author : Rifqifreaky 

Review : Lullabies

“Lullabies by Lang Leav”

I love this book also poetry. I can’t judge enough because it was poetry. I like poetry because of Bard’s sonnets. Dead Poets Society taught me that poetry has its beauty in word play. Let the word play the scene of imagination, the feel of peace and freedom.

Leav said it in her works which I liked was “Clocks”. I quoted




“Yet it is clear, to all that’s here, that time is told by seeing. Even though clocks do not know it is the reason.”

or interpreted Midsummer Night’s Dream in hers.

 “Patience and Love agreed to meet at a set time and place.”

I wonder I could make a poetry someday if my writing is going better.

Review : The Happy Prince 

‘Will you not stay with me one night?’

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde 

Well, I really like 2 of 5 Stories which were The Happy Prince also Nightingale and Red Rose…. It’s been adorable stories that made me wanna read ever after. Yeah ! Oscar Wilde kills their main character in all tales… 5 tales in this book I meant. Boring in the end of Remarkable Rocket or I don’t get the meaning of stories huft.

I’d like to quoted “Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow … ‘will you not stay with me one night? said the statue prince. His sacrifice made his people happily ever after. Then, god who persuade angels to choose anyone who they picked to heavens. So, they choose the dead little swallow who dead after kissed the prince also they pick the happy prince. The society discussing who statue on top of there, then ? The selfish one !

The Nightingale who helped the handsome boy who wanna dance with princess if he has a red roses then nightingale sacrifice himself too.

Afterall, Oscar Wilde killed their main character all of it. But I wanna recommend that interesting stories were 3 of 5. The Happy Prince, The Nightingale and The Rose, The Selfish Giant

Review : The Secret Garden

” The Secret Garden ” by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I think the story was about magic. Magic was known as hero itself. The hero was within yourself. A boy name Colin, who lied on a bed for a whole time before he met his cousin, Mary Lennox. He depressed why he was born in this world also he was crying all the time. He told that he has lump on his back. He sitting on a wheel chair. Mary told him that he has thin body. I laughed when it came to the story

Secret garden made children should be motivated if they looked at characters. Sometimes, you need another people to bring happiness to your life. Look at Colin also Mary. If both of them didn’t meet each other. Mary was an annoying who couldn’t dressing a cloth herself. I glad if she didn’t told about a garden, a secret in ten years who didn’t open which the key was buried by Mr Craven because his wife’s death which made him stressed about her and he didn’t want to recall his memory. In the end, Mr Craven glad to see his child Colin could walk by himself. Both of them thinks that his wife made all this magic came through. And Mary was brought them here too.

It’s magnificent children classic to be told. And good book to adults. Yeah, I felt sad like a child when it in the end of chapter. You should be motivated like Colin.

nb  : It would be long if I read this book after and after

[ Tik … Tok … Tik … Tok ]

Tik … Tok … Tik … Tok

Bunyi detik

Bunyi metronome

Bunyi detak jantung

Tiada angin

Tiada kegiatan

Tiada halangan

Yang terdengar hanya

Tik … Tok … Tik … Tok

Musik berirama

Seakan menggangguku

Apa yang terjadi jika lubang siput

tak dapat mendengar alunan

Tik … Tok … Tik … Tok

Aku merasa sudah tiada

Hidup pun demikian

Selalu ada alunan

Bukan aku yang mengatur

Bukan atas dasar kondisi yang mengubahmu

Tetapi kamulah sendiri yang bisa mengubah kehidupanmu

Tik … Tok … Tik … Tok …

By : Rifqifreaky

P.S = Dah akh capek, puisi begitu dibaca… Makasi yaa btw