Review : Singin’ in the Rain (1952)

Singin’ in the Rain tells us about how to become a famous film production with actor and actresses that had a talent. This era made Silent Pictures with the theme of glorious kingdom, plot, background,  costume, etc.

In 1920’s, Silent Pictures was succeed because adapting sound had not been found, when W.B. found it, they’re trying to introduce a Talking Pictures to public. Then, they made a movie “The Dueling Cavalier”. But, Talkie Pictures had many critics, one of them was it could not attract audience. In progress, Cathy, Lockwood, and Cosmo had a new idea to change the title of it. It named “The Dancing Cavalier”  because of  it had singing and dancing. The conflict was Lina Lamont could not sing as well as Cathy, so they lip-sync it. Lina was angry and mad in the production which made her a fool who cannot sing and dance. Lina told that she has full power in this production.

Singin’ in the Rain showed us that Hollywood felt the glorious within, because in the adding of Sing and Dance like a beautiful sonnets in Shakespeare’s works. Gene Kelly is different style with Fred Astaire who had a style as well as Charlie Chaplin. 


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