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I’ve just got a new hobby. That’s listening to audiobooks and podcast. Not many Indonesian people didn’t know about it. Facilities didn’t provide it and expensive for us though. How many people likes to read a book either men or women in our country ? In sexist percentage, women already won it, just a few little men liked it. Actually, there is relation between listen and read.

When you’re a baby, first you listen to the people talked, then you’ll try to talk. Next, you read something when you’re still little.Then you can write something.

That’s become our first knowledge to learn language. How about going overseas ? For us, tourist must could do a little language to talk like order a food in café. They’re respected their language. But, Indonesia did not do what foreigners do. We must could talk english because it’s international language that we know other than Indonesia.

When we can comprehend our life ? We must read a lot of books in fiction or nonfiction instead. When you Judge for first time, you’ll lose. You must comprehend it then you know what it is.  Both of them made influence on ourselves. When you’ve read both of them. You could confront many problems.

Parents doesn’t like their child become a translator or language masters. Directing them like us to be in the future is really worst. But your child has their own world and the parents must support them.




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