Thanks a lot Shakespeare !

” Be not afraid of greatness ” -William Shakespeare

Thanks a lot to that quote ! I just started to read your completed works or listened audiobooks.  I felt so pity that I know Shakespeare when I was in college now. I did not know about Shakespeare when I’m childhood. Maybe if Shakespeare or many great writers that has inspired because of him have been taught in my country,  I think I have a big dream as same as all of generation in Indonesia and All of us believe that big dream can come true. Because of many factors like culture, kindergarten or High School Education in Indonesia did not let us know of it,  my parents don’t like to read books, books just for the bourgeouis or who have a lot of money,  the school library did not provide it like classic stories, classic writers, or classic Indonesian writers too. Or the government does not want us to be writers which mean we could write in any genres or scared that we could open the world of yours like Pramoedya Ananta Toer and let us live in a cell and became famous in eternal. Habibie, the ex-president of Indonesia, is one of greatest inventor from Indonesia. And are you not feel so embarrassment, that we just have one or two in little percentage, are ya ? Think about it. How many people doesn’t want comeback to Indonesia after study in another country. You’ll think because of you, when they succeed in there, ha ? or because they’ll think all of you not in their levels which can make a conflict between humanity and in the end, we does not have a solve problem. The kids must teach and produce their imagination in their bags what they want become. How the imagination works productive and to producting new things, not consume it much. Not slept for long culture and history, we took school and prepared to be workers. How pity ? We must moving on from it.






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