Hello ! Theatre !


This was unforgettable moments in my life being a year on a family. I’m very curious any kind about theatre after i’ve passed big event in my freshman year at University of Indonesia. The big event was called Petang Kreatif which is held once a year in November or December at Faculty of Humanity. The reason why I’m so curious was there’s no extracurricular like theatre in my whole school life. Theatre was growing so addicted in developed countries like Broadway, Shakespeare Globe Theatre, etc. Developing country like Indonesia, just a few people know and learn theatre. Actually, Indonesian Culture in this era still minim to provide performance arts like Theatre or Orchestra. If you mind, please read history book on your own self because I don’t want tell any history in my own writing. -[R21]-

First of all, I would say thank you so much to let all of us include myself knowing and learning about theatre in our freshman year. As i performed for the first time and it’s entitled was “PENJARA” , I trained hard and I wanna get a win like a stupid elephant wanna fly in the sky, in the end we didn’t get nothing. I felt disappointed and just thinking my training was useless. -[R21]-

Then, in sophomore year, a undergraduate friend standing up Niyaniya Theatre then I joined him with my friends. He is holding all the responsibility for first time. Then I performed for the second which entitled “Haruka” at Bulungan Stadium. I’ve been thinking to renew for long time and I’m out because the community just trained if there is a task to do perform and not become routine and i don’t think if my undergraduate friend choose his path in theatre ways. He must learning again in graduated program and looking for scholarship not just learning actor subject, maybe he must looking up all of theatre subject. Just trained one character and never played another character. If I just stood up for one character and never trained routine when i can improve at all. It needs process and i just choose my path to theatre. So I need to improve myself means how could I improve my another character, played without script, and learning All of theatre subject like actors, staging, lighting, directing, scriptwriting, etc. -[R21]-

Last, in junior year, I’m out of nowhere as lonely as life on chicken farm because I’ve just chosen my path in theatre. And, I joined Teater Sastra, the oldest theatre in university which reached 32nd this year. When I joined, I’m just pawned, newbie, and foolish actors. After all, a study I already 2 years had in the bag become nothing. As Einstein said ” The more I learn, the more I realized how much I don’t know”.  The teachers who i respected and directed Teater Sastra was Graduated Master of Arts in Theatre Program, NYU. It’s filled up my silence. The teaching method very different like he’s a pro and graduated. I smelled a place like home and i could improve all of theatre subject. My wish just filled up so much within a longtime process and it’s routine in twice a week. He taught us to become a person with full of humanity. He said actors must know their task on stage. A stage is everywhere we lived on, not just actually a real stage in opera, but we lived onside and outside stage. I’ve taken a Art Philosophy class made me fell in the essence of arts like white and black in our life. I never feel regret joining theatre. I get mix-up to face some problem and dilemma using between mind and heart either onside or outside stage which is very complex  -[R21]-


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